Read the stories of children with Melody® valves in the mitral position.


ARI’S STORY I just turned two and I’m totally addicted to sports. For my birthday, I got a football shirt, basketball shirt, baseball shirt, a tennis shirt, and more sports paraphernalia. And had to try on everything right there because I was so excited! I’m told I have very advanced ball skills, too. I’m talking…

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COOPER’S STORY I will be four years young, next month. I share my birthday with my twin sister Chloe and we have a two year old brother, Carter. I go to preschool with my sister. I love cars, throwing baseballs, playing basketball, soccer and swinging a golf club.  Living in Florida near the beach, I…

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GRACE’S STORY I’m 19 months old and I love to smile and wave at everyone!  I especially love my big brother and sister (they are always loving on me and helping me learn new skills), my dogs (they let me tickle them and even pull on their hair and tail), and my mommy and daddy…

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MILANA’S STORY I am almost 6 months old and have already figured out how to wrap my daddy around my finger. My favorite thing is when my mommy and daddy sing to me, and have dance parties in front of me when I’m in my swing. I’m always smiling and laughing. They think I’m having…

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GEORGE’S STORY My full name is Williams St. George Hunter. I go by George, St. George when I’m in battle. My parents say they chose this name for me before they knew about my special heart. But when doctors told them I would have to fight for my life, they knew it was the perfect name…

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ZUZU’S STORY I just turned one. Most people didn’t think I would make it but I knew better. Most people are surprised at what I have overcome. But it is just what I do because I am awesome! I make so many people happy. Everyone is always smiling at me, even strangers in the street.…

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ALLIE’S STORY My twin brother, Aiden and I were born October 27. 2010. We live in Louisiana. My brother is my best friend and I do not like to be separated from him. After my most recent open heart surgery, the only thing I wanted was to get home to Aiden so we could eat…

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ALEXANDER’S STORY I just turned two and I love life. I have a personality that cannot be surpassed. Everyone who meets me falls in love with my smile and contagious laugh. My Mommy and Daddy are my favorite snuggle buddies and I love playing with my older siblings and my doggie, “Woo Woo”. I am…

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Chloe Mai

CHLOE MAI’S STORY I am almost 18 months old and I am big time into the Arts. I like to play my piano while I am listening to my classical music cd. I also like to paint like a big girl. I often use a brush to paint pictures on paper as well as other…

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LOGAN’S STORY I am three months away from celebrating my fourth birthday. I go to pre-school and really love it. Every day I enjoy coming home and amaze my parents by spelling lots and lots of words and telling them everything I have learned. I really enjoy trains, cars, my iPad and running the cash…

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